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How To Fix iPhone X/iPhone 10 Slow To Charge

A slow charge problem is hard to miss because you normally can’t wait to see that the iPhone X/iPhone 10 is fully charged, right? So, when something goes wrong and the process is lengthier and lengthier, you become impatient… Now, the rush will do you no good, especially when you start spending money on things that you don’t really need. A new charger, a new battery, a new phone – these are not things to jump into. Instead, you should revise what could possibly be at fault.


When you’re trying to fix the Apple iPhone X/iPhone 10 slow charge problem, you can conclude that you have a malfunctioning charging cable, bent connectors, an iOS bug, and many other things. But lucky for you, the problems that manifest most often are among the easiest to solve.

  1. To avoid wasting time, you can take it to an authorized service;
  2. To skip the detailed investigations, simply reset the device;
  3. To investigate on your own, swap the charging cables or clean the USB port.


Only after you’ve tried our suggestions without success, you can consider the more complicated and more expensive solutions. Of course, if you take it directly to a technician, you’ll hear the exact solution (and get to see the bill) quite fast… Until then, however…


You must reset the iPhone X/iPhone 10

The reset is a software reboot and, in case you did not know, you even have a code sequence that controls the battery display. So, the fact that your iPhone seems to need ages to charge can also be caused by a problem with that special software (as in a display matter). Obviously, even other services or apps running in the background could be the cause, so, this action can only help.


You must use a different charging cable

We are talking about the USB cable that gets into the charging unit. That’s a standard cable that you can find around the house with ease. And if you don’t, you certainly know one person who can borrow it to you for a quick test. If you get the confirmation that the iPhone X/iPhone 10 charges faster with a new cable, you know what to do. If that’s not the case…


You can try to clean up the USB port

It’s still about the USB, but this time, we’re talking more about the connectors. When they are bent or pushed, you won’t have much to do on your own. But if we’re talking about debris or dust, all you need is some compressed air to remove it. Even a small needle or something sharp and thin, like a paper clip, will do it.


In the unfortunate event that our guide on how to fix the Apple iPhone X/iPhone 10 slow to charge problem took you this far without success, you can return to the more expensive options. But then again, it is best you have a confirmation from a technician before you conclude what you need to buy or what to replace to make it charge properly.

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