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How To Fix iPhone X/iPhone 10 Volume Not Working, Sound And Audio Problems

When the volume is not working on the iPhone X/iPhone 10, you are first tempted to check the sound and volume options. If those settings look perfectly fine yet the sound and audio problems are there to stay, that’s something that you certainly cannot tolerate for too long.


Our suggestions for you are to try any of the following five potential fixes:

  1. Taking out the SIM card, only for a few minutes, can solve the simplest problems related to the wrong positioning of the SIM. So, take it out, wait for a little longer, reinsert the card, and see how it goes.
  2. Turning off the Bluetooth, just to see if your calls will improve their audio quality after that, is another super-simple option. Some users have noticed significant improvements, maybe you too will be among them.
  3. Moving on to more serious things, try some compressed air and do a thorough cleanup of the microphone. You can never know if or what kind of debris or dirt got in there. And if you have this simple option to clean it up, why not use it?
  4. Next, you can try to wipe the iPhone X/iPhone 10 cache memory. It is a simple process, it works just with the cache data, not with the data physically stored on the iPhone, and it should lead to a better, overall functionality of the device. If not…
  5. You can always try the final option of booting the iPhone X/iPhone 10 into Recovery Mode for an old-fashioned factory reset. Back up your data, make sure you’re not leaving anything important behind, and when you’re ready, restore the phone to its default settings.


When nothing you do seems to work on the iPhone X/iPhone 10 volume not working and audio and sound problems, professional help might be required. An Apple technician will probably know how to fix the malfunctions fast. No matter if the problems occur in the beginning of an incoming call or right in the middle of it, with a little bit of assistance, it will work out well.

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