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How To Fix iPhone X/iPhone 10 Wi-Fi Problems

Rumor has it that performing an iOS update on an iPhone X/iPhone 10can trigger some Wi-Fi problems. Of course, it all stemmed from a series of Wi-Fi issues that Apple had in the past with its software versions, but that isn’t the only case. Regardless whether you updated your iPhone or not, if you’re having problems with the Wi-Fi, here’s what we suggest.


A couple of simple fixes for the iPhone X/iPhone 10 Wi-Fi problems…

If you’re only having navigation problems when using a wireless connection, it cannot hurt to reset the Wi-Fi settings from your iPhone. To do so, you just need to open the Settings app and access the Privacy tab. In there, you will find the Location Services, with the Wi-Fi settings. Reset the latter and see if anything changes.

After resetting the wireless settings, you can also reset the network settings, from relatively the same place. We’re talking about the general Settings app, followed by the General tab and the Reset menu. In there, you have the Reset Network Settings option that you must activate.


An even simpler alternative would involve restarting the modem or the router, depending on what you’re using. Maybe the device would also need a firmware update, so check if there isn’t any new firmware version that you can install for the router.

Now, one of these simple solutions could lead to a significantly better Wi-Fi experience on your iPhone X/iPhone 10. If it doesn’t…


The more complex fixes for the iPhone X/iPhone 10 Wi-Fi problems…

These are actions that can either imply a significant change or some expenses on your side. You can consider them after or even before the simple fixes above mentioned. Either way, you should know that it might come to this:

  1. Try to bring the iPhone to its default settings, by performing a factory reset;
  2. Try to use a different router and notice if there are any differences;
  3. Take your iPhone into an authorized Apple service for a professional evaluation.


We know that it’s not easy to make up your mind, especially if you are not a very technical person. But at the end of the day, if you can’t use the Wi-Fi on an iPhone X/iPhone 10, you’ll be extremely unhappy. So, you’d better work on your options and find a solution as fast as you can!

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