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How To Fix iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max Getting Hot And Overheating

There’s nothing pleasant about an iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max getting hot, especially when you have no clear explanation for it. Usually, these smartphones have a natural tendency to overheat when they are left out in the sun for hours. Or when you use them for hours, doing who knows what intensive activity that would take up a lot of the device’s resources. But when you did nothing like this and you’re still looking at an overheated device, it can’t be good.


To fix the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max overheating problem on your own…

It is best if you start your investigation from the third-party apps – if it is, indeed, a problem with your iPhone’s resources being overused, it makes sense for the phone to overheat. Now, these problems can occur either because there’s something wrong with the app or because your phone doesn’t have enough memory or whatever else the app is requiring.


To check for this issue, long press the Home and the Power buttons until your screen goes black. Hold the Power button alone, until the Apple logo shows up. And then, hold the Volume Up button alone, until the springboard starts loading. At that point, you’re officially in Safe Mode, the boot sequence where no third-party app is allowed to run.

The purpose is probably more than obvious – you enter a mode where no third-party app can function, just to see if the device is still getting hot. Most likely it will cool down, which is your best indicator that the real cause of the problem is, as we pinpointed above, one of those apps. The question is, how do you find out which one is it and how do you get rid of it?


Your best bet would be a factory reset but, if you don’t want to start with the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max from scratch, you’ll have to test things gradually. You could begin with your most recently installed apps and uninstall them one by one while monitoring the iPhone’s behavior.

If the troubleshooting isn’t going your way and you reconsider that factory reset, wait a bit. You could still try to learn how to clear the cache of the iPhone. It’s all under the General tab (Settings), at Storage & iCloud Usage. When you open up the Manage Storage menu listed in there, you have access to the Documents and Data. For all the items listed in there, the left swipe followed by the Delete option will clear data. To handle it all at once, just tap the Delete All (under the Edit menu) and consider all app data removed.

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