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How To Fix iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max Slow To Charge

The slow charge problem on an Apple device can manifest, occasionally, even on the popular iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max. Just like it is a random problem, it isn’t always a complicated thing to solve. Of course, until you get to this conclusion, you are probably having all kinds of thoughts and worries. When the phone is difficult to charge, you cannot exactly rely on it and it can only add up to your daily frustration. The first thought might be to run and purchase a new charger. This is a bad idea if you haven’t already concluded that this is the right course of action.

Just in case you are wondering how can you tell if you really need a new charger of if there’s another way to fix an iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max slow to charge… We have some potential causes to share with you and some options that you can try right away. You don’t have to be a tech wizard to go through it, trust us!


The common – and relatively easy to fix by you – problems are the dirty charging connectors, the defective charging cable, or a temporary bug of the iOS. The less common problems and more difficult to tackle all by yourself are: the broken or bent connectors, the broken battery, or the defective phone. Focusing on the first category, however, we would suggest you try and…

  1. Reset the smartphone – this will reboot the software and it can also temporarily fix a potential malfunction. You don’t need to know exactly what issue you have, you simply need to read our guide from here and follow those steps to see if you can solve the slow charging problem.
  2. Change the charging cables – this is just one part of the charger, not the charging unit itself, and grabbing another USB cable is quite easy. Do that and, if the device still isn’t charging properly, it means that the cable is not the culprit here.
  3. Clean up the USB port – even if the connectors aren’t bent, pushed, or broken, when they are covered in debris, dust, or anything else that entered in there, the contact will be imperfect and so the charging. Clean the USB port with compressed air, a small needle, even a paper clip or anything thin enough to get in there. Just be careful and act with gentle moves, to avoid causing even more damages.
  4. Ask a technician to take a look at it – with assistance from an authorized Apple technician, you can be sure that the problem will be unveiled soon enough. Maybe you’ll be lucky and the warranty will cover it or maybe there’s something that can be solved with the right tools. Try it and see what answer you get!


Depending on which of the causes above mentioned was involved, you may not need to make it to our final suggestion. But it can never hurt to know how to fix the iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xs slow to charge!

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