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How To Fix iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max Slow WiFi Problems

Before getting your hands on the new Apple iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, you were probably anxious to try all its special features, the Wi-Fi hotspot included. Then you got it and you have discovered that you’re dealing with a slow Wi-Fi connection even when using the internet just for yourself… Using it as a hotspot might seem impossible, for the time being, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Follow the steps below to learn how to fix slow WiFi on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max


If apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, even Snapchat or Whatsapp barely load the content and images are replaced with gray pictures, there is still hope. Most likely, the weak Wi-Fi is causing you all the trouble. So, to take care of the Wi-Fi signal and make sure that your iPhone will have the proper connection, you can try the following to fix iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max slow WiFi problems:

  1. Initiate a factory reset process from the Recovery Mode;
  2. Use the Forget option to disconnect from the current Wi-Fi network and reconnect to it once again;
  3. Use the reset command on your Modem or Router;
  4. Access the connection settings on your iPhone and make the change from DHCP to Static;
  5. Access the DNS settings and switch it to Google’s Addresses;
  6. Try and see if there’s any way you can tweak the bandwidth settings of your Router or even the Broadcast Channel;
  7. Consider disabling the security on your Modem or Router or, at least, change the security settings;
  8. Get in touch with your internet provider and discuss the possibility of upgrading your plan to something with a higher bandwidth and speed.


The selection of solutions presented above will help with the most common slow Wi-Fi problems oniPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. If, by the end of it, you still cannot have a proper navigation experience, consider completing the so-called Wipe Cache Partition.

This action will erase only the cache memory of the iOS, no data or important information stored on it. For this reason, you should be confident in performing the wipe cache by booting the iPhone into Recovery Mode. Read this informative material that we have prepared for you on the topic of how to clear the iPhone cache memory if you need extra help!


The point is that you must access the Documents and Data section, which is listed under the Manage Storage menu, as a part of the Storage & iCloud Usage section from Settings >> General. Once you’ve made it to the list of items, you can simply delete their data with the general command of Edit >> Delete All or by manually swiping left on each item and tapping the Delete option. Let us know if you’ve managed to fix the slow Wi-Fi problem on iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs with this final solution!

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