How To Fix iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr Screen Won’t Turn ON

This problem where you can’t seem to turn on the screen of iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr because the button isn’t working… It can be very upsetting, not to mention frustrating and concerning. That’s because you cannot access the device and you also don’t know how serious is the malfunction. You can tell that it doesn’t respond to the regular command of tapping the button. But is it the button that stopped working? Or something else from the device? Is it really a hardware issue or something related to the software?

Hard to tell exactly what it is, but not too difficult to make a few assumptions on the things that are most likely to be at fault…


The first troubleshooting options when iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr screen won’t turn on:

Starting from the easiest and less invasive things, a black screen can also mean a very low battery. Plug the charger and let it charge the battery for a few minutes before you try to unlock it once again. If you can’t tell whether it is charging or not and you are still staring at the black screen, check the Power button. Tap for a few times in a row, gentle, without sudden moves, trying to see how it reacts. Does it feel like there’s something stuck about it? Or you cannot see any difference from the usual? If it feels broken, have an Apple technician inspect it.


The Safe Mode evaluation when the iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max screen won’t turn on:

This action of booting into Safe Mode is the most convenient troubleshooting option. Unless there is something seriously damaged about the iPhone, you will be able to access it with ease. This is the booting sequence where only the default apps are allowed to run, so, if you had a third-party app that was making the device unresponsive, it won’t get to manifest in here.

To boot into Safe Mode, you must simultaneously press and hold the Power and the Home buttons up until the screen goes blank. When you let go of the Home button, continue to press the other one until you see the Apple logo displayed on your screen. Release the Power button as well and do one more tap on the Volume Up button, up until you see the springboard loading. Now you’re in Safe Mode – pay attention to how the iPhone reacts!


The Wipe Cache Partition in Recovery Mode when  iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xs, screen won’t turn on:

Wiping the cache is designed to refresh the temporary memory of the device. This is where apps store common pieces of information that help running smoother. Whenever you delete it, the apps and the iOS will keep storing new pieces of information, meaning you’re not risking anything in the process. Speaking of the process, as you learn how to clear the cache on iPhone, you must boot into Recovery Mode:

  1. Use a connection cable and hook the iPhone to a PC;
  2. After you launch the iTunes app, you must initiate a force restart – the simultaneous press of Home and Sleep keys, for 10 seconds or so, until the Apple Logo shows, followed by the Recovery Mode screen;
  3. When you’re in the Recovery Mode, you have access to the Restore and Update options;
  4. Select the Update to have the iTunes update your iOS and help you get over any potential software issue that was preventing the screen from turning on.


What we are about to say really is the last chance for anyone with an iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr whose screen doesn’t turn on when you press the button: it’s something that must be investigated by the tech support! Not the most exciting experience – we know it’s tough to sit and wait, not being able to do anything yourself – but what else can you do?

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