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How To Get Free Music On iPhone X/ iPhone 10

Free music has become more accessible with the development of internet and technology. But even if you own an iPhone X/ iPhone 10, you may either be unaware of this option or not sure where to start with getting it. Since we know how much you’d like to make your iPhone a bit more personal and how music can make you feel really good, we’d like to guide you in this direction.


It’s not rocket science to get free music on Apple iPhone X/ iPhone 10. It’s more like a series of steps that you need to follow methodically. That’s because, on one hand, you cannot take any MP3 song and set it as a ringtone and, on the other hand, you might want to personalize different contacts with different ringtones. What’s the beauty in knowing how to get free music if you’re using only one song?

All these being said, let us show you how to prepare a song to set it as an incoming call notification, text message notification or anything else that needs an audio notification on your iPhone.


A how-to guide for iPhone X/ iPhone 10 – How to get free music:

  1. Run the iTunes and do a little check for any new software version that may be available;
  2. After making sure that you have the latest iTunes app, pick your favorite song;
  3. Select the song and access its editing options with Ctrl-Click or Right-Click
  4. After accessing the menu, first, select Get Info and set the start and the stop times – your ringtone cannot have more than 30 seconds from the free song that you’re now editing;
  5. Then, return to the menu and use the Create AAC Version option;
  6. Copy the newly created AAC version, delete the old one, and change the extension into .m4r;
  7. After that, add this version to iTunes and sync the iPhone.


Now that your free song was turned into a free ringtone, all you have to do is to select it from the Settings app of the iPhone X/ iPhone 10. Go to the Sounds menu and the list of pre-installed ringtones should also contain the newly edited ringtone.

Like we said, you could use this ringtone for your entire agenda, and it would still be different from what other people have on their iPhones… Or you could make the effort and edit multiple songs, setting them as custom ringtones for the various contacts calling on your iPhone X/ iPhone 10. Your call!

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