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How To Hard Reset iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus

A hard reset of the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus is not often required. In fact, Apple users only resort to it when there’s nothing else they can do about a particular software issue. Before taking the device to an authorized service, they try out the hard reset, which basically brings it back to the factory settings. With a completely empty device, they start to configure it from scratch, hoping that the old problem is gone and won’t manifest all over again.

An interesting reading that we recommend you is this guide on how to factory reset iPhone 8 / 8 Plus devices. But if you want to take all your information from one place, let us outline the essentials for you in here:


The preparation of how to hard reset an iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 8:

Just because we mentioned you’ll delete everything from the phone doesn’t mean you also have to lose that data. In fact, if you back up the content of your iPhone before the reset, you should be able to restore it soon after that.

To create this backup, go to Settings. Under the General Section, right at the Storage & iCloud menu, select Manage Storage followed by Backup. Tap and respond to the prompts in there. If necessary, use another service or a backup app for all the remaining files.


The 4 steps you need to follow to hard reset the iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 8:

  1. Tap both the Home and the Sleep/Wake hard keys of your iPhone and hold them together;
  2. Wait for 10 seconds minimum;
  3. Watch for this unusual process to begin on the iPhone and, right after that, for the device to start backing up once again;
  4. In the next seconds, you’ll find yourself back to the Home screen, with the device ready to reconfigure.


It can’t be simpler than that, right? Now, nobody says it’s an easy or pleasant call but, if the situation requires it, at least you know what it takes to hard reset the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8 Plus.

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