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How To Hide Message Preview In iPhone X And iPhone 10

The Message Preview is a default option of iPhone X and iPhone 10 devices, where the owner gets to see a shortcut of their incoming messages. That shortcut can pop up on both the Home Screen – when the iPhone is in use – and the Lock Screen – when the iPhone is not in use.

Whenever the owner taps that shortcut (after seeing who texted and getting to read the first words from the message), the device automatically launches the Messages app. If it showed up on the Home Screen, it makes things a bit easier because it no longer involves navigating up to the Message app icon. If it was on the Lock Screen, it’s even easier because it also spares you from having to use the unlock code just to bypass that locked screen.

One would say that there are only benefits so far, right? But how about when you don’t actually want people to see your message previews? When you keep your iPhone X or iPhone 10 locked particularly so you can hide its content, you’re not happy about getting those snapshots in plain sight, are you?


The steps to hiding your Message Previews on iPhone X / iPhone 10 are, as follows:

  1. Unlock the screen of your iPhone;
  2. Launch the Settings app from its Home Screen icon;
  3. Identify the Message Preview option available in there;
  4. Look at the options available underneath the Message Preview – the Lock Screen and the Home Screen – that are currently checked;
  5. Select to uncheck the entry where you wish to block your Message Previews from – like only on the Lock Screen, for instance;
  6. Leave the settings when you’re done.


Depending on your choices, the iPhone X or iPhone 10 will no longer display your Message Previews on the screen that you unchecked within the Settings. Of course, you can get back there anytime you want and reconsider your options.


How To Delete Apps On Apple iPhone X and iPhone 10

There comes a time when even your mighty iPhone X or iPhone 10needs a little break. We are not talking about a break from using it, but rather a break from overwhelming it with all kinds of unnecessary apps. If you will ever plan to get rid of some of those third-party apps, you will want to know how to do it. To your surprise, the uninstall process is simple and can be done from anywhere on the iPhone where you have the app’s icon located.


Want to get rid of one app in particular? Here’s what to do:

  1. Swipe (or type the passcode) to unlock the screen of your iPhone X or iPhone 10;
  2. Navigate all the way to the app that you’re planning to get rid of;
  3. Press on its icon and hold the selection;
  4. Wait until you see the screen shacking;
  5. By that time, you’ll also see an X icon on the screen;
  6. Hit the X and the app will be gone.


Really, that’s all it takes to delete apps on the Apple iPhone X or iPhone 10. Naturally, you have to do it for every single app, but that’s it.

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