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How To Hide Photos On iPhone X And iPhone 10

You don’t need to be an expert in handling the iPhone X or iPhone 10 camera app and all its settings to anticipate the existence of some special menus and options. Many smartphones offer their users the opportunity to protect or hide particular photos and so does your iPhone.

Now, it’s all in the action menu connected to the Camera Roll. Do you have some sensitive photos that need to be hidden?

If you do, don’t just sit there and pray for the better. There aren’t too many places where the camera app stores its photographs. If someone wants to take a peek, they will do it before you know it, unless you make some photos invisible. That way, you’re always safe!


The easy steps on how to hide photos from the iPhone X or iPhone 10:

  1. Unlock your iPhone;
  2. Stop by the Home Screen;
  3. Turn on the Camera app;
  4. Switch to the Camera Roll tab;
  5. Navigate to the photo that must be hidden;
  6. Select the bottom-left square button or long press on the photo to access the action menu;
  7. From the context menu that will show up, hit the Hide option;
  8. Confirm the action and the photo will be gone.


You’ll have to repeat these steps whenever you need to hide a photo from the gallery of your iPhone X or iPhone 10. Now, that you know the way, you’re free to follow it whenever the situation requires it.

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