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How To Keep Apple iPhone X And iPhone 10 Screen On Longer

Not happy with how long is the iPhone X or iPhone 10 screen currently staying On? It’s not you, it’s the screen. Really, the device comes with a default setting but you actually have more options to choose from, starting from a few seconds and going way above 5 minutes.

Of course, if you don’t really investigate the issue and just assume that it is what it is and there’s nothing you can control… You’ll end up unhappy with how your iPhone works. And that’s not good because you really have an awesome device and you can improve pretty much anything that upsets you about it.

Speaking of which, in today’s article we would like to show you how to extend this timeframe that establishes after how long the display will turn on if you haven’t touched it, at all, in the meantime.


Here’s how to make the iPhone X or iPhone 10 screen’s stay On for longer:

  1. Open the Settings section and go to the General settings;
  2. Find the Auto-Lock option and select it;
  3. Choose the value that best suits your needs from the list that will extend, and leave the menus.


These 3 simple steps are the secret to making the display of your iPhone X or iPhone 10 to remain turned on for a little longer than it does now. Or, who knows, for a little less in case you are actually searching for the opposite of what we tried to show you in this short tutorial.

If you do the latter, you should notice some improvements regarding how long your battery will last. But sometimes, it is best to use a bit more battery and enjoy a bit more comfort in the process. Not having to unlock the display of the iPhone X or iPhone 10 every few seconds is more than comfort, is an important condition of a relaxing experience!

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