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How To Keep iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max Screen On Longer

If you’re using an Apple iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max… You are certainly enjoying one of the best smartphones that the market is currently offering. Even though you might tell yourself that you don’t get to complain and be picky, there are stressful things about it. Like how long will the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max screen stay turned on when you’re not touching it.

This option is known as screen timeout. And you’d be surprised, but there are many other Apple users out there who complain about how it’s set. But this is only a matter of preference, which is why there are special settings for it. In today’s article, however, we’re not going to show you how to act about it. Plug in the charging cable as you prepare yourself to set the screen stay on for an extended period of time. Then, follow these steps to keep iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xs screen on longer.


To keep the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max screen On for longer…

  1. Go right to the Settings app and open up the tab with General settings;
  2. Browse through the options listed in there until you find and access the Auto-Lock option;
  3. Once you open up this feature, you’ll see another list, this time with various choices of length time, a wide range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or more;
  4. Decide what will work best for you compared to the currently selected value and make a different selection.


You do all that and leave the menus. The last thing is to check and confirm that your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max screen really stays On according to the new selection. However, watch out for the battery, especially if you have picked a larger value!

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