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How To Leave Group Chat On iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr

If you’re thinking to leave a group chat on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr, we believe you want to know your options first. And if you bear with us for a few minutes, to show you the two potential solutions, you might either conclude that you don’t want to leave a group for good, or that you… can’t. That’s right, not all the group chats on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or  iPhone Xr are that easy to leave behind. So, here is the guide that will help you make up your mind.


To permanently leave group chat on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr in Messages

Pros: you are out of it for good, you no longer receive any kind of notifications, and you won’t have your iPhone storing the chat history for that group anymore.

Cons: once you leave a group you can never turn back to it and you can only leave the groups that are exclusively made of iMessage groups.


Now, assuming that you are absolutely sure that you want to leave this group chat, you must:

  1. Open up the group message;
  2. Select Details (top-right corner);
  3. Tap the red button “Leave this Conversation” and that should do it.


If you cannot use the leave button there’s only one explanation: this is a mixed group, containing both iMessage and SMS users, and, as already explained, you do not have the option to permanently leave that group. Here’s what option you have instead…


To mute group chat on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr in Messages

Pros: you no longer receive any notifications about the activity within that group, you can always take a peek and check up on what they discussed in there, you are still a member of the group and can communicate inside of it anytime you need, and you can use this option on both iMessage and mixed group chats.

Cons: you are not actually leaving the group and the iPhone will keep storing all the history conversation even though you may not be interested in it.


Assuming that you think this is for the best (or you are forced to opt for this option because you have a mixed group chat in there), here is what you have to do:

  1. Launch the Messages app;
  2. Access the group chat that you want to mute;
  3. Select the Details menu;
  4. Go to the Do Not Disturb option and turn it on.


To sum up, the action of reducing to silence a particular group chat is done by setting your status within that group as Do Not Disturb. After that, you continue to be a member with full rights but you are giving up on any kind of sounds, vibrations, or whatever other alerts you might be getting from the Notification Center about the activity within the group.

If you want to leave a group chat on iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr, you can either leave it for good or just opt for blocking any notifications. It’s simple.

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