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How To Leave Group Messages On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

As an iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max user, you know that you can text with your friends in two different ways. On one hand, you have the built-in messages app that handles both SMS and MMS data. On the other hand, you have the iMessage to chat freely with other Apple fans. Now, regardless whether you’re using the SMS or the iMessage messaging system, you can be a part of a group message chat or create your own group. Below we’ll also explain how to leave group message on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max.


This will obviously bring tremendous advantages, though, it doesn’t mean you’ll want to use it forever. If you think that your time on such a group message chat has ended, there’s almost no reason for you to stay there. Still, we can mention that:

  1. You cannot leave just any group chat message, only those that are made exclusively of iMessage members;
  2. And once you leave this group chat message consisting of iMessage contacts you won’t be able to return to it;
  3. As for the mixed groups, with SMS and iMessage users, you can only activate the Do Not Disturb feature;
  4. When you go for the Do Not Disturb, you will no longer receive any notification when someone posts something in there, but you can always get back to that group to check the messaging history;
  5. Of course, the Do Not Disturb feature can also be used for groups made of iMessage alone, in case you haven’t decided yet to leave it for good.


How to leave a group chat iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max:

  1. Launch the group message;
  2. Go to Details;
  3. Select the button Leave this Conversation.

This button is available right above the Attachments section, along with all the other location settings, the summary of all the files exchanged through that group or the list of all the chat members. The button is labeled in red, so, it shouldn’t be hard to spot. And just like we mentioned, if you see it but it is inactive, it means you cannot leave that group because of the mixed structure.


How to mute a group chat from iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max:

  1. Go back to Messages;
  2. Open the message that you want to mute as of this moment;
  3. Access the Details screen;
  4. Select Do Not Disturb.


As already explained, the Do Not Disturb feature is probably the best option, regardless of how upset or determined you are to leave a group. In some instances, your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max won’t allow you to leave a group for good and, in other instances, you might have this option. But we strongly suggest you to refrain from using it because it is irreversible. The Do Not Disturb feature, however, doesn’t just let you stay connected without being bugged with audio notifications. But it can also be disabled whenever you decide! Not to mention that it works with all groups, from iMessage or SMS only to iMessage & SMS groups.

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