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How To Make Messages Private On iPhone X And iPhone 10

If you thought that by setting up a fancy password for the Apple iPhone X or iPhone 10 you’re completely protected from the prying eyes… Think again! Before you freak out, let us clarify this: you are almost protected because, as long as you have the message preview turned on, all your text messages will get a small preview on the Lock Screen. Whoever taps on that message preview will get directly to the Messages app (without having to unlock the device!) and be able to read the entire text.

All that will happen by default unless…. Unless you make your messages private! Are you curious what it takes to gain this kind of protection? Basically, you must either decide that:

  1. You don’t want to have the Reply with a Message option active;
  2. Or that you don’t want to have the Preview Messages on Lock Screen option active.


We advise you to use the latter, especially if you don’t appreciate the chances of having other people looking at your private messages, even if they are simple previews!


To make messages private, follow these steps on the iPhone 10:

  1. Go to Settings >> Notifications >> Messages;
  2. Check your options in there and you’ll see you can have message previews on the Home Screen and the Lock Screen, separately or at the same time;
  3. Choose if you wish to hide your messages from the Lock Screen alone or also from the Home Screen;
  4. Leave the settings after you have selected your option.


You know what you have opted for and, depending on that, you can expect to have the message previews removed from one or the two main screens. Either way, that’s all it takes to make messages private on iPhone X and iPhone 10.

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