How To Make Ringtones For iPhone X/iPhone 10

You have to admit, the list of pre-installed ringtones available on your iPhone X/iPhone 10is not that short. At the same time, it’s not unlikely that you won’t feel the beat of any of it and you will find yourself wanting something different. It’s a matter of preference, which is why you can change all that in just a few minutes. Let us show you how to tweak regular songs into ringtones and how to set them afterward.


To make your own ringtones for the iPhone X/iPhone 10…

  1. Open up your iTunes app;
  2. Make sure there’s no new software version available – if it is, run the update first;
  3. Then, select the song that you wish to turn into a ringtone;
  4. With the Right-Click – or the Ctrl-Click – command, access the editing menu;
  5. Select Get Info to create your start and stop ringtone times – the entire ringtone cannot last more than 30 seconds and you’ll have to decide what part of the song you want to use;
  6. After that, return to that editing menu to use the Create AAC Version option and turn your ringtone into the AAC format;
  7. Copy this file and delete the original file format;
  8. Change its name by editing the initial .m4a format and making it .m4r;
  9. Add this file to iTunes and sync it with the iPhone.


With these simple steps, you can prepare any song out there and make it a perfect ringtone for your iPhone X/iPhone 10. Because most people who resort to this option are not just looking to change the general ringtone, we have to add: if you are determined to create custom ringtones for the most important people in your agenda, you will have to retake these steps and create a few other ringtones. When the songs are in place, you can set them for your preferred contacts. Speaking of which, do you know how to do that?


To set up a newly edited ringtone on the iPhone X/iPhone 10…

  1. Go to the Settings app;
  2. Tap on Sounds;
  3. Select the Ringtone entry;
  4. Browse until you find your newly edited ringtone in that list;
  5. Select the song;
  6. Save the changes and leave the menus.


If you do that with more than one contact, you’re not just going to enjoy unique ringtones that no other iPhone X/iPhone 10user seems to have! You will also be in the position of recognizing the caller by the ringtone, long before you bother to take the iPhone out of your pocket!

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