How To Rearrange Apps On iPhone X/iPhone 10

If you want to add new apps and widgets on the iPhone X/iPhone 10, you must also know how to move them around. We continue the series of app-related articles and tutorials with this short guide, where you’ll learn how to rearrange whatever you currently have on the Home Screen of your iPhone. Are you curious to discover something new?


How to rearrange the apps from your iPhone X/iPhone 10 Home Screen:

  1. Turn on the display of the device;
  2. Go to the Home Screen;
  3. Pick one app that you wish to move first;
  4. Long press on its icon;
  5. While maintaining this selection, drag the icon to a different area of the Home Screen;
  6. When you’ve made it to the right place, you can let go of the icon and the app should stick there;
  7. Repeat these steps with all the other apps that you wish to rearrange.


How to rearrange your apps on the iPhone X/iPhone 10 Home Screen from the Edit Screen:

  1. To bring new apps on the Home Screen of your iPhone and rearrange anything, you can also access the Edit Screen, from the Home Screen;
  2. Select an empty area of your Home Screen’s wallpaper and long press on it;
  3. Once the Edit Screen opened up, you can tap on the Widgets folder;
  4. Then, you’ll be redirected to the list of widgets, all of which are available and ready to use on your iPhone;
  5. Select a widget that you wish to bring to the Home Screen and it will appear in there;
  6. Repeat the steps from the previous section to reposition the widget’s icon on the Home Screen, if necessary.


No rocket science, as you can see, rearranging icons on an iPhone X/iPhone 10is a basic thing. Now you know what to do with the icons that you already have on the screen, but also how to bring new icons for fast and easy access.

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