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How To Rearrange Apps On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

Call it a practical or a preferences matter or any other way you want. But knowing how to rearrange the apps on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max is a very useful thing. Apps or widgets, you have so much to experience with that it will be hard to stay organized at some point. If, one day, you decide that it’s time for a cleanup, we want you to be prepared!


Easy steps to rearrange apps on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max in iOS:

  1. Unlock the phone and start browsing for that app that needs to be rearranged;
  2. Once you’ve identified it on the Home Screen of the iPhone, simply press and hold it;
  3. Don’t let go of the selection until you’ve dragged it to the place where you want to move it – once you’re there, you can release the hold and it will remain at the new location.


Other instructions on how to add/adjust the widgets from iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Home Screen in iOS:

  1. Turn on your iPhone;
  2. Go to the Home Screen;
  3. Find an empty area of the wallpaper where you can tap and hold that tap for a little longer;
  4. When the Edit Screen extends over the Home Screen, select Widgets;
  5. Select whatever widget you’re planning to move around;
  6. Once it’s added to the Home Screen, you can use the steps from above – press and hold it, then drag and drop it – to move it on the screen, to customize its settings, or even to remove it completely!


If anything seems even slightly unclear to you or if you have other questions on this topic of how to rearrange apps on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, we can’t wait to hear it!

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