How To Record 4K Video On iPhone X/iPhone 10

Did you know that iPhone X/iPhone 10devices can film in Ultra High Definition? The standard 1080p HD to 30 fps is an option, but if you can try the 4K, why wouldn’t you? Probably because you don’t really know how to do it. But now that you know you can and you are about to discover the exact instructions, nothing will stand in the way of getting super-cool 4K videos with your iPhone. It’s all in the Photos & Camera settings…


Setting up and recording 4K videos with the camera of your or iPhone X/iPhone 10:

  1. Turn on the device;
  2. Navigate to the Settings app;
  3. Find and access the section with Photos & Camera settings;
  4. Look for the Record Video and select it;
  5. Select the 4K / 30 fps option listed underneath it;
  6. Then, leave the settings and open up the Camera app;
  7. Switch from the photo mode to the video mode;
  8. Use the 4K icon located at the corner of the screen;
  9. Start recording in 4K.


Once you stop the filming, you can take a look at your video and you should be able to notice the amazing performances. Shooting in 4K with the iPhone X/iPhone 10is not difficult at all and the results are more than impressive. You should try it sometime!

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