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How To Record HD Video On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

These days, anyone knows that HD stands for high definition. Nevertheless, not everyone knows that an iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max can record HD videos. Are you curious to know more on this Ultra High Definition video recording option?

Prepare yourself to make the leap from the standard 1080p HD to 30 frames per second. We will show you how to adjust the settings of the camera and then, it will be your job to experience with this awesome feature!


Before you can record, you must set up the HD video on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max:

  1. Slide the screen to turn it on;
  2. Don’t rush to the camera app – launch the Settings app first;
  3. In there, look for the Photos and Camera options and select it;
  4. Hit the Record Video feature;
  5. Tap 4K at 30 fps.


With the HD video already set up, time to record an actual HD video on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max:

  1. This time, begin straight from the Camera app;
  2. Switch from the Photo mode to Video;
  3. Look for the 4K button displayed at the corner of the screen;
  4. Hit that button to begin recording a 4K video.


When you’re done, check the result. We have a feeling you’ll be quite excited about the quality that you got from this HD video on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max.

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