How To Record Slow Motion Videos On Apple iPhone X and iPhone 10

A slow motion video is really nothing but a video that your iPhone X or iPhone 10 camera records at normal speed. The secret of getting that special effect is the processing power of the device, which will be later used to slow down the frames and make the entire movie look as if it happened in slow motion.

In case you haven’t tweaked all the settings and options of your camera app – and chances are you haven’t since you didn’t discover this shooting mode by now – we invite you to start this adventure. You have an amazing iPhone, with a camera app that everyone is crazy about and you’re not taking advantage of it? Let us show you what to do…


Recording slow-motion videos on the iPhone X or iPhone 10 has never been easier!

  1. Use the passcode to unlock the display;
  2. Launch the Camera;
  3. Select the Slo-Mo recording option;
  4. Start shooting.


Only four steps from now, you will be already staring through the camera’s lens, recording the first slow motion video with your Apple iPhone X or iPhone 10. After that, we can tell you will be going through a long period of experiencing with this awesome record mode that you just discovered.

Hopefully, you will not forget that unless you select another mode after that, all your videos will go, by default, in the slow-motion mode!

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