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How To Record Slow Motion Videos On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

Editing videos is something that any passionate photographer will do. Knowing that the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max have such great cameras must be very exciting. But wouldn’t you like to know that you can shoot videos with a special effect active by default?

If you’re into this slow-motion thing, you know how it works: the device is supposed to record the rapid movements as usually, but it will then use the processing power to reproduce those moves slowly. Now, given the awesome processing power of an Apple iPhone device, it only makes sense that pulling such videos should be piece of cake. And it is to record slow motion videos on iPhoen Xs Max and iPhone Xs!


To record slow motion videos on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max…

  1. Turn your phone on;
  2. Turn the Camera app on;
  3. Switch from the current recording option to the one labeled as Slo-Mo;
  4. And start shooting – you’ll see the results when you replay the video.


That’s all on how to record slow motion videos on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. Just so you know, once you switch to this setting, it will stay active until the next change that you make. In the meantime, whenever you will take a video with your camera app, it will be recorded in slow motion on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

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