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How To Record Time-Lapse Videos With iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

Have something interesting in mind that involves a time-lapse video? Want to learn how to record a time-lapse video straight with your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max? Suffices to know that your iPhone has this custom mode ready to select from the camera app and you’ve pretty much solved your problem.

The time-lapse mode will take several snapshots in a row, at a specific interval, and bring them in one, high-speed video. Your fantasy is the limit to how many funny videos you can prepare in this way. We will let you explore the feature but first, let’s discuss the minimum details on how to record time lapse videos on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.


If you want to create time-lapse videos with iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max’s camera:

  1. First, you’ll have to open the Camera app;
  2. Once you’re in, swipe to the right, from the main screen of the camera, to switch the normal mode to time-lapse mode;
  3. After you have selected this mode that you wanted to use, just tap the Record button with the camera pointed at your center of interest;
  4. Tap the Record button once again, in the end, to stop the shooting.


Surprisingly simple, isn’t it? The only thing left is to start putting it into practice. When you’re done, don’t be shy, go on and share your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max time-lapse videos through your email app or on your social media accounts!

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