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How To Remove Duplicate Contacts On iPhone X/iPhone Xr/iPhone Xs/iPhone Xs Max

When there’s really no limit to how many contacts you can store on an iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, you may tend to exaggerate. And problems don’t necessarily occur while you’re adding new contacts, but rather when you’re trying to change your device and copy all your data in the process.

More often than not, we hear about all kinds of Apple users frustrated of discovering that their agenda doubled or tripled after this kind of device swap. Simply put, when they insert the SIM into a new device and log in with their various accounts, they end up having two, three, or even more entries for the same contacts. It’s crazy, we know, but it is something that can be fixed.


Remove duplicate contacts on iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max – option #1

Use the special tool that the Contacts app includes by default, designed to help you identify similar contacts and merge their details by default:

  1. With the Contacts app opened, navigate to the Card menu;
  2. Select the Card option listed underneath that menu;
  3. Tap the option labeled as Look For Duplicates;
  4. Let the tool scan and hit the Merge option when you’re asked to do so.


This process will repeat and periodically ask you to Merge various entries until the Look For Duplicates on iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max feature will no longer find duplicate contacts in your agenda.

Now that you’ve solved your problem, don’t rush into repeating the steps that brought you here. Just to be safe, create a copy of your current, cleaned Contacts list into the iCloud account.


Remove duplicate contacts on iPhone X,┬áiPhone Xr, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max – option #2

This alternative is nothing but a manual editing where you browse through the entries in your Agenda:

  1. Once you’ve found a duplicate contact within the Contacts tab, you can use the Edit button and select Link Contacts;
  2. At the next step, you will be asked to select the second entry that must be linked to and merged with the initial selection;
  3. After you do that, you confirm the merging from the Done button and continue browsing through your agenda.


Just like with the special tool, this manual selection will have multiple stages. This time, however, you’re not getting indications of what to merge but you are selecting everything on your own.

The reason why you have to confirm each action, not just with the manual method, but also with the Look For Duplicates automatic option, is to avoid losing important data. Speaking of which, the second option will also require you to create a copy of the agenda, once you’ve finished removing the unnecessary entries. Keep it somewhere safe, in the cloud, for future access and reference.

Now go and put into practice the methods we just showed you. It’s quite easy to remove duplicate contacts from iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max. All you need are time and patience!

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