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How To Reset My Password On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

Usually, when discussing the topic of how to reset a password on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, the topic of a hard factory reset often comes into play. That’s why, before you learn the classic steps of the iPhone password reset, you might ask yourself what is going to happen with the data stored on it. More importantly, if you’re doing the reset simply because you got locked out of the device, you should know that this isn’t the end. You can unlock the Apple and keep all your data. And speaking of all these backup choices, we have three different options to show you.


The top 3 ways to erase an iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max and reset password

Backups are a crucial part of the iPhone experience. That’s the reason why users have at least two main services at their disposal – we’re talking about iTunes and iCloud. And if you haven’t used any of them before, the reality is that you just can’t save the data from your iPhone before resetting the password. Our third recommendation, from this perspective, is the Recovery Mode method.


How to use the iTunes

With iTunes, one can create and store backups right on a Mac or a regular PC. Options will obviously depend on the available storage space but, also important, users can opt to benefit from encrypted backups. Now, for the actual steps of using the iTunes to reset the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max password…

  1. Set up that mandatory computer connection;
  2. Launch iTunes and use your passcode if you have to (note that this can be done also from another computer that you have previously synced with);
  3. Wait for that automatic sync to finish;
  4. Then, create a backup;
  5. Then, use the option Restore [device];
  6. Next, you’ll be redirected to a Set Up Screen;
  7. Select the option to Restore from iTunes backup;
  8. Select your specific device from the iTunes app;
  9. Select the backup that should be restored (when you select the file from that list, consider its size and the date when it was created).


How to use the iCloud

As opposed to iTunes, the iCloud service stores all the backups in iCloud, from anywhere, using just a Wi-Fi connection (not to mention that it encrypts all the backups by default). Now, to reset the iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xs password from the iCloud, one would have to rely on the Find My iPhone feature. As suggested, the only problem with it is that unless the phone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi or cellular, it won’t work! Now, for the actual instructions…

  1. Grab whatever device with an internet connection you have at hand;
  2. Navigate to;
  3. Use your Apple ID to sign in, if you have to;
  4. Tap on All Devices;
  5. Tap on your device;
  6. Select Erase [device];
  7. Choose what to do next: you can select Restore From A Backup or you can opt for Set Up As New.


How to use the Recovery Mode

With the help of the Recovery Mode, you can get a chance to regain the access to your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max. Even if you haven’t synced it with iTunes or iCloud! And as you’ll see that you don’t only have the Restore option, but also the Update option, you can tell that you might still be able to keep your data in the process:

  1. Again, set up a connection with a computer;
  2. Launch iTunes;


Follow the steps of a classic force restart:

  1. Press and hold the two keys – Sleep/Wake and Home;
  2. Wait for 10 seconds or for as long as it takes the Apple Logo to show up;
  3. Prolong the holding of the keys until the Recovery Mode screen finally loads;
  4. Decide what you want to use:
    o Restore
    o Update


We already suggested to you that the Update is the option that lets you keep the data, so, start from there. When you opt for the Update, the iTunes will download the latest iOS version and install it on the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max without deleting anything!

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