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How To Reset Password On iPhone 8 Plus When Locked Out

As painful as it might be and as ashamed as you may be, forgetting the password is something that quite a lot of iPhone 8 Plus users go through. It’s not uncommon to be locked out, especially if you have recently changed the password or if you’ve been experiencing with different unlock options.

At this point, you must be thinking about completing the much-debated hard factory reset, even if it means that it will delete all your data and files. We know, it’s bad news if you didn’t have the chance to back up your iPhone’s content lately. But you don’t necessarily have to go through it…


Depending on how you’ve used your iPhone so far and what services you’ve tried, you may have access to one of the following two methods:

  1. Reset the iPhone 8 Plus password with the iTunes – of course, only if you have previously synced the device with iTunes;
  2. Reset the iPhone 8 Plus password with the iCloud – of course, only if you have previously signed in to iCloud or used the Find My iPhone option at least once.


If neither the iTunes nor the iCloud was of much interest for you so far, unfortunately, you are only left with the Recovery Mode option. Maybe you know it or maybe not but, usually, when you boot an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus into Recovery Mode, it’s because you must do a factory reset. This third solution is not pleasant, yet it’s your last one. If losing all your data is what it takes to reset the password – that’s what the hard reset implies – then, so be it. But until then, let us show you the less invasive methods…


Method #1 – with iCloud:

  1. Use a different device – yours is obviously locked – to access the com/find web address;
  2. Use your Apple ID to sign in, when required;
  3. Go to the top of the browser and tap on All Devices;
  4. Find the device to erase, in that list;
  5. Hit the Erase option and wait for the service to erase both your device and its forgotten passcode;
  6. Once this problem is solved, choose one of the two options available in there:
    1. Restore from an older backup
    2. Set up as a new device


As a side note, in order to use the Find My iPhone service and erase your locked iPhone, you will have to have the device connected to a Wi-Fi or a cellular network!


Method #2 – with iTunes:

  1. Use a USB cable to connect the iPhone to a computer;
  2. Launch the iTunes and type the passcode if required OR try a different computer that you have previously synced the device with OR use the recovery mode;
  3. Then, wait for the iTunes to sync the iPhone 8 Plus and create a new backup;
  4. After that, you can hit the option Restore [your device];
  5. The moment you see the Set Up screen on your iPhone, you can select the Restore from iTunes backup option;
  6. In iTunes, select your iPhone 8 Plus;
  7. Select the most relevant backup version based on the size of the backups available in there and the dates when they were created.


Method #3 – with Recovery Mode:

  1. Again, connect the iPhone 8 Plus to a computer;
  2. Launch the iTunes;
  3. Force restart the iPhone while connected to the computer, by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake and the Home buttons until the display shows the Apple Logo and then switches to the Recovery Mode screen;
  4. At some point, you’ll see the options of Restoring or Updating the device;
  5. Select Update and wait for the iTunes to try and simply reinstall the iOS without deleting all your data.


Now you know three different courses of action to reset the password on an iPhone 8 Plus when you’re locked out. Hopefully, you won’t have to use it too soon!

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