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How To Send A Voice Message On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max Using iMessage

Many iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max new users aren’t really aware that they can send and receive messages either through iMessage or the traditional SMS. Consequently, the news that, through iMessage, one can even deliver voice messages, is received with much enthusiasm.

You probably already see yourself using this option when you’re driving and you need to convey an important message, right? And if you give it a second thought, you might even come up with new useful contexts when the iPhone 8 Voice Memo app will help you record and send voice messages. You go on and record that message and let us show you what you have to do once it’s ready.


So, are you curious to know how to send a voice message on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max via iMessage?

  1. Unlock the screen and launch the Voice Memo app;
  2. Tap on the voice memo that you would like to send;
  3. Use the Share button;
  4. From the context menu, select Message;
  5. Next, select the contact that should receive your voice message;
  6. Hit the Send button and wait for the voice message to be shared.


Just in case you were concerned about this aspect… If you’re following the steps from above to send a voice message, from your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, through iMessage, and that other person doesn’t have iMessage, it will still be delivered! That’s right, your iMessage voice message will reach the destination as a MMS, if necessary, but it will be delivered!

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