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How To Turn OFF And ON Quick Reply Messages On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

iPhones are, among other things, about reliability and simplified, fast access. For this reason, the quick reply message feature implemented right on the Lock Screen or Home Screen of iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max was much appreciated, for a long time. And still, at some point, you might no longer want to use that feature simply because it implies displaying a preview of your message.

If you have the feeling that this can affect your privacy, then it doesn’t matter that it spares you from using the passcode or the password to unlock it. You’ll just want to get rid of it. Follow the steps below to learn how to turn off and on quick reply on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.


To deactivate the quick reply messaging on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max…

  1. Go to the Home screen and open the Settings app;
  2. Select the section with features for Touch ID & Passcode;
  3. Find the entry “Reply with Message” and change its toggle to Off.

From now on, you won’t be able to use this feature, but you can obviously reactivate it with ease, at any time. Just get back in there and switch the toggle to On, if that’s what you really want.


If you don’t like the message previews from Lock Screen on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max…

Bear in mind that there is a way to turn off message previews on the Lock Screen of iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max. Once you do that, whatever you get, either as an SMS or as an iMessage text, will no longer be displayed when the iPhone screen is locked. This option is actually often recommended to those who want to hide any clue regarding what’s happening on their device. When it’s locked, your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max be locked for everyone!

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