How To Turn OFF Flashlight With iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are delicate devices that take little space. They are also preferred by users who enjoy carrying around the minimum required. That’s one of the reasons why they pack in so many functions and they are so versatile. Believe it or not, one of those functions is the flashlight.

To give you a comparison term, the light that an iPhone 8 produces when you turn on its flashlight isn’t like the one of a LED Maglight. But once you try it, you’ll conclude that you don’t need anything else. Now, you are probably curious about how to do that. So, just to kill the suspense, let us show you the ropes.


The easiest way to turn on the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus flashlight:

  1. Turn on the iPhone;
  2. Swipe up, from the bottom of the Home screen, with the tip of one finger;
  3. From the menu that will launch, select the Flashlight icon;
  4. That’s also the icon that you need to tap one more time when you want to turn the Flashlight off.


In the meantime, you can use the flashlight on the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus without any other complications. The icon is there, right in the area of your quick settings. Easy to access and just as easy to activate or deactivate, it might as well make you forget that there are other kinds of flashlights in this world!

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