How To Turn OFF iPhone In iOS 12 Camera Shutter Sound

Turning off the camera shutter sound isn’t all about improving the quality of your Apple device camera features or the app. The camera already comes with excellent high megapixel quality. This is probably the reason why Apple device users are tempted to use the camera often. However, as you use the camera often, you will soon realize that privacy is an issue of concern.

In some instances, you need to use the camera but the environment is not right for that sound to be made. So how does the camera shutter sound scrap the silence? The sound is pretty obvious and annoying at the same time. This is according to the reports made by many Apple device camera users.

The reality is that no one wants to be seen as they are spying on someone secretly. In addition, you don’t want to be noticed when taking photos you shouldn’t be taking. In another context, you might want to take a selfie without disturbing those around you. Certainly, you don’t want to attract the attention of those around you while taking that selfie. You might, therefore; wonder why the camera shutter makes that sound.

The reason has some sort of legal explanation. In the United States and many other countries, people are denied the privilege of turning off the camera shutter sound. The rule applies to those that are using any digital camera device. The rule is on the ground that people must be warned when a picture is being taken around them. Therefore, these people around the device user need to be made aware that they might be caught on camera. Therefore, they might be needed to give their consent before you do so.

Assuming that the device user has best intentions which is to picture themselves like the case of taking a selfie. By turning off the sound of the camera shutter, be warned that you are doing so at your own risk. Here is a guide illustrating how you can turn off the shutter sound when using an Apple device to capture images.


Approach #1: Ensure the Volume is turned down and on Mute Mode

You can use the settings section to turn the volume down to mute mode. Alternatively, you can have the sound on vibrations mode. This can be done by using the Volume Down button that is located on the side of the phone. Either of the options will do that best. Note that with the loud ring mode activated, the shutter sound will be loud. When you switch the volume down using either of the above options, there will be no sound.


Approach #2 Uses Alternative Camera App 

It`s possible to make use of a third-party camera app when you want to use your Apple device to take photos. Your iOS stock camera app plays sounds by default but other camera applications don’t come with this feature. Therefore, accessing the Apple App Store and downloading a third-party application is an alternative. Of course, you will go for the best app of your choice. Use the app to take photos and this will help get rid of the problem with camera sound.


N/Bthe headphones will not help you keep the camera shutter sound low. You might have tried this and because you didn’t know it doesn’t work, you were astonished to hear the loud sound come from the phone speakers instead of the headphones. The bottom line is that the Apple devices will not mute camera sound when you plug in the headphones.

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