How To Turn OFF Message Preview On Apple iPhone X/iPhone 10

The Message Preview option that comes with any iPhone X/iPhone 10is a good thing, in theory. People who are very busy and get a lot of messages appreciate seeing a preview before they decide if they need to read the full message or even reply to it right away. But you may not be one of those people and actually find this feature a bit upsetting.

Usually, it’s the users with privacy concerns who don’t want these previews to pop up, especially on the Lock Screen. Rest assured, we’ve even had people asking us how to get rid of this preview for good, even from the status bar of the Home Screen. For all of them, we have answers. Keep reading and you’ll get your answers as well!


Here’s how to actually turn off the Message Preview on iPhone X/iPhone 10:

  1. Turn on your iPhone’s screen;
  2. Go to the Settings app;
  3. Find the settings for the Messages app and access them;
  4. Identify the Message Preview option that must be listed in there;
  5. Look at the two options listed underneath the Message Preview, which should target the Lock Screen and the Notification Bar;
  6. You can either disable only one of them, for the Lock Screen or for the Notification Bar, or both of them.


Depending on your preferences, the Message Preview will only be displayed on the screen that you kept active in the Settings. Your iPhone X/iPhone 10Message Preview settings can be adjusted anytime you want, depending on whether you change your mind or not. Try your options and see which one would work better for your needs.

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