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How To Turn ON Predictive Text In iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

Predictive Text is one special feature from an entire selection of texting and editing options. If you give your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max a chance, you might be pleasantly surprised of all the tools that it can offer you. This one, for instance, is actually more of an input technology.

It “learns” from what you type through time, it analyzes the context of your current message, and it anticipates what you want to type from the first letters! Want to try it out and improve your typing speed significantly with iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max predictive text?


Ready to turn On Predictive Text in iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max? All you have to do is to:

  1. Turn on the device, before anything else;
  2. Launch the Settings app;
  3. Select the General tab;
  4. Browse for the Keyboard option listed in there and select it;
  5. Identify the Predictive Text feature listed underneath the Keyboard options;
  6. Tap on its dedicated toggle to change its status – if it’s currently turned off, it should easily turn on with one tap.


Before you leave the settings for good, consider contemplating the extra options. There’s a lot more for you in there, other than simply turning on the Predictive Text in iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max. For instance, you could activate the text correction as well.

From the same menu, you can edit your personal dictionary, a section where you type in words that you normally use with your text messages and that you don’t want to be auto corrected in any way. Go on, explore all your options, not just the Predictive Text on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max!

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