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How To Use iOS 13 Dark Mode For iPhone And iPad

iOS 13 has recently been released from Apple and has some powerful new features for the iPhone. The main feature that everyone is talking about is the new Dark Mode for iOS 13 that has become available for iPhone users. Many have already seen this feature within specific apps, but now Dark Mode is coming to your iPhone.

For those interested in using the new iOS 13 Dark Mode, we’ll provide you with the steps required to help you get your iPhone into Dark Mode, just follow the steps below. You can enable Dark Mode a few different ways based on the guide below and you’ll also be able to create a custom time frame that can be set for Dark Mode on your iPhone.


 Enable Dark Mode Using Control Center

  1. Turn on your iPhone
  2. Go to Control Center
  3. Long press the Brightness sign
  4. Choose the Dark Mode option from the options on the screen
  5. Now Dark Mode is enabled on your iPhone using Control Center


There’s also another way that you’ll be able to turn on Dark Mode for the iPhone and iPod on iOS 14. The alternative method would be to enable the feature via the Settings or by using Siri. You can turn on or off Dark Mode with Siri by saying “Hey Siri, turn on/off the dark mode.”


Turn On Dark Mode Using Settings

The other way that you can enable Dark Mode in iOS 13 is by doing it from the Settings menu. This option allows you to do more customization, for example settings a time frame when Dark Mode is enabled and disabled. Follow the steps below to learn how to turn on Dark Mode on iOS 13 via Settings.

  1. Turn on your iPhone
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap on Display and Brightness
  4. Select the Light or Dark option (this will turn on or off Dark Mode)
  5. Tap on the options to create either a custom schedule for Dark Mode or to use the preselected time frame of from sunset to sunrise


Once you’ve followed the steps above, you should know of a few different ways to turn on and off Dark Mode on iPhone with iOS 13. Overall the experience is great and much needed for iOS from Apple. In the past many other Apps had Dark Mode and many requested those seems features make there way to the Apple iOS software.

If there’s any other new things that you like about iOS 13 for the iPhone, please share your favorite things below.

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