How To Use Mobile Hotspot On iPhone X/iPhone 10

With the Mobile Hotspot feature, any iPhone X/iPhone 10 device can become a reliable source of internet for other devices. Of course, it’s a process that requires some permissions and password authentication filters. But as complicated as it might sound, it is the easiest way to enjoy a stable and secure wireless internet connection when no other public Wi-Fi is giving you that.

Long story short, are you away from your home’s private wireless network? You don’t feel like using a public network for the kind of work than you need to accomplish? Suffices to turn your Apple iPhone into a mobile hotspot. What that means is that whatever iPhone, iPad or other device has your iPhone’s hotspot password, it can connect to it and use its mobile data internet through a wireless channel.


To make it happen, there are two or three aspects that you must take into account:

  1. The most important condition is that your current data plan allows this option – not all plans include the mobile hotspot feature, but you can check if yours does by getting in touch with the carrier (or by following our suggestions from below and determining whether it works or not);
  2. The second essential condition is that your iPhone X/iPhone 10 has enough mobile data and battery before you proceed, to avoid any kind of interruptions;
  3. Last but not least, once you activate the hotspot, you must also run some changes in terms of password and security options (by going to Settings, at the Personal Hotspot, and finally, at the Wi-Fi password option).


Assuming none of these is an obstacle for you, there’s only one thing left that probably stops you from enjoying this experience – not knowing all the steps. So, let’s keep the rest of our tutorial just as simple and to the point.


How to activate the Mobile Hotspot feature on any Apple iPhone X/iPhone 10 device:

  1. Open the one app where you get to tweak all your iPhone options, the Settings app;
  2. Navigate to the Mobile section, where you will find the Mobile Hotspot feature;
  3. Select the Personal Hotspot entry available in there;
  4. Locate the Personal Hotspot option and its dedicated toggle;
  5. Switch that toggle to On and you’re almost done…
  6. Select the option labeled as “Turn On the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth”;
  7. Next, select the Wi-Fi password option and configure your mobile hotspot password – it can be absolutely anything, completely unrelated to your Wi-Fi or Apple ID passwords.


How to turn on the Mobile Hotspot feature on any Apple iPhone X/iPhone 10 device:

Have you followed the previous instructions? And have you memorized the hotspot name, listed underneath the “To Connect Using Wi-Fi” section? Now, you only have to turn on the Mobile Hotspot on your iPhone and to connect the other device to it.

  1. Go to the device that you want to use your iPhone’s mobile data;
  2. Open up the AirPort entry from within its menu bar;
  3. Select the Wi-Fi hotspot listed in there;
  4. Use the password that you have created earlier;
  5. And enjoy your connectivity, without forgetting to do the security adjustments mentioned in the beginning of our tutorial!


With the settings configured, the password and the WPA2 defaults for security changed, and all the right things in place, you can now use the iPhone X/iPhone 10 as a mobile hotspot.

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