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How To Use Mobile Hotspot On iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr

When using the internet on your Apple iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr isn’t enough, you can always get to the next level: use your smartphone to give internet, through it, to another device. This wireless connection is not just a fancy thing of using your mobile data plan and sharing it via Wi-Fi. It is actually an extremely useful option when you need internet on multiple devices and you have no other option but to use mobile hotspot on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr.

Whenever you’re traveling or having access to a bad, unreliable public Wi-Fi connection, check your iPhone 8 to see if there is any way you can activate the mobile hotspot feature. Assuming that your current plan comes with this option, all you have to do is to learn how to activate the mobile hotspot on your device and how to connect other devices to it. Make sure that you have the battery properly charged and let’s get started to learn how to use hotspot on iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr!


The actual steps on how to turn iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr into a wireless hotspot:

  1. Launch the Settings app;
  2. Select the Mobile option;
  3. Tap on Personal Hotspot;
  4. Switch the status of the Personal Hotspot option to On;
  5. Select Turn On Wi-Fi and Bluetooth;
  6. Select Wi-Fi password;
  7. Type your desired password, something that doesn’t have to be connected to your Wi-Fi or your Apple ID in any way;
  8. Look at the section labeled as To Connect Using Wi-Fi and see what hotspot name you have listed in there;
  9. Go to your other Apple device that you want to connect to the hotspot;
  10. Access its menu bar and tap on Air Port;
  11. Select Wi-Fi hotspot in there;
  12. Type the password that you have previously set on the iPhone.


Moving on to how to change password and security type on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr wireless hotspot…

  1. Unlock the phone and open up the general Settings section;
  2. Look for the Personal Hotspot entry and tap on it;
  3. Hit the Wi-Fi password option.


From this location, you can tweak the password details of your mobile hotspot feature and the defaults of WPA2 for security. It’s nothing too complicated and, in fact, it is a standard requirement when working with an Apple iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr.


The only possible reason why the entire above may not work for you – assuming you have followed our indications step by step – is your data plan! That’s right, not all data plans allow the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr users to use the mobile hotspot on their Apple devices. The best way to check this is directly with your wireless carrier – ask and you might easily get a new, compatible data plan.

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