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iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus Passcode Bypass (Solution)

Bypassing the passcode of an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus is a delicate problem. Many Apple users are disappointed to discover that their only option is to initiate a hard factory reset. While that may not be your case, we still feel the need to prepare you for this possibility. If it comes to it, as you probably know, all the information that you currently have on the smartphone will be deleted.

Normally, one would hope for the best, thinking that a backup is in place and it can be restored once the reset officially ends. But here’s the catch: if a backup existed, it would have been created either with the iCloud or with the iTunes, two of the most popular services associated with these devices. And as long as you have such a backup, you don’t have to do the reset. So, this is the ultimate solution and a desperate one, for those who never used neither the iCloud nor the iTunes and who now find themselves in an impossible situation.


Hopefully, you’re not there and you can use one of the three other methods available:

  • The iCloud with the Find My iPhone service – as suggested, if you’ve used it at least once in the past, you should be able to use it now once again. The only thing you should take into account is that, for bypassing the passcode with the iCloud, your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus must be connected to a Cellular or a Wi-Fi internet service.
  • The iTunes method – again, once you’ve tried it back then, you can use it now, when you’re encountering this problem. And you’re not conditioned by an internet connection in any way.
  • The Recovery Mode – if option 1 and option 2 are out of the discussion, before you jump to the factory reset see what the Recovery Mode can do for you!


Now, there’s also the possibility that, for whatever reason, you feel the need for that reset. If that’s the case, we thought we should spare you from reading the rest of this extended tutorial. You may not be able to do the Backup before the reset (so, don’t forget that, in the future, you have 16Gb of space for cloud storage with Google Drive!) but that’s something you have probably already accepted. Just read this guide to find out how to factory reset an iPhone 8 / 8 Plus and you’re ready to go.


For the iCloud bypass solution…

  1. Access com/find, from any website, from any device with internet;
  2. Your Apple ID might be required to this login so, if prompted, use it;
  3. Then, go to All Devices >> select your device >> select Erase [device];
  4. Finally, choose if you want to set up as new or to restore from a backup of your iPhone.


For the iTunes bypass solution…

  • Connect the phone with any computer previously used for the sync and backup with your iPhone 8;
  • Go to iTunes and let it create a new backup for you;
  • Sync the iPhone with the iTunes after the backup is performed;
  • Use Restore [device] when the sync has finished;
  • This will take you to the Set Up screen, where you can use the Restore from iTunes backup menu;
  • Select your most recent backup on the iTunes and let the iTunes restore your iPhone 8 and bypass the locked screen.


For the Recovery Mode bypass solution…

  1. Repeat the steps described above – as in connecting the iPhone to a PC and launching the iTunes;
  2. Next, try to force restart it without interrupting the connection to the PC;
    • Normally, you must tap and hold the Wake/Sleep button together with the Home button;
    • After 10 seconds you should see the Apple logo, but continue to hold the keys until you actually boot into Recovery Mode;
  3. When you see the Restore and Update options, go for the latter to erase only the old iOS version, not all your data;
  4. The iTunes will move on to scan for and download the latest software version;
  5. Let it reinstall the iOS while keeping your stored data safe.


That’s all for now, we really hope you’ve enjoyed this guide, as much as your situation allows it. Let us know which of these options on how to bypass the passcode of an iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus helped you!

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