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iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus Stuck In Recovery Mode (Solution)

As you probably know, the Recovery Mode is a booting sequence supposed to help you solve various problems that may occur on your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Nevertheless, the Recovery Mode can become a problem in itself when you’re stuck on it. Sometimes, it happens when you’re running out of battery during a software update. Other times it can happen when you encounter a problem with the iTunes registration during an iPhone update or restore. Anyways, there may be many different instances when you’re facing this problem but there are also different solutions that you can try out.

Coming up next, we’ll show you everything from how to get an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus into Recovery Mode to how to get it out of it and how to fix this frustrating Recovery Mode loop.


Do you know how to boot the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus into the Recovery Mode?

It might come as a weird thing – wanting to learn how to access this mode when you are actually stuck on it – but the truth is that it is always best to know all your options! Who knows when, weeks or months after you’ve dealt with your current problem, you realize that the iPhone is unresponsive when you connect it to a PC and the iTunes? If that will happen, you will want to know that you must enter the Recovery Mode. And here is how to actually do it:

  1. Power off the device;
  2. Then, hold down the Home button while connecting the Apple device to the computer;
  3. Don’t let go of the Home button until you notice the screen that announces the connection to iTunes;
  4. Hit the OK button when you get the notification from iTunes that the phone has entered the Recovery Mode and that you have to restore it before you can use it;
  5. Tap on Restore iPhone 8 (only if you have taken care to previously back up your data, otherwise, you will lose that information during the restore process!).


Your iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus fix for the Recovery Mode loop:

If your Apple device seems to have gotten into a Recovery Mode loop, it is most likely because of some software problem. Sometimes, when you’re running an older iTunes version, or when something went wrong during the firmware installation, and even when the USB got accidentally disconnected while you were updating the iTunes, such problems can occur. As terrifying as the Recovery Mode loop can be, the solution is surprisingly simple if you’re willing to use the RecBoot software.

  1. Download the RecBoot for Mac (if you need the RecBoot for Windows there’s a different version!);
  2. Run the app and, only after that, use a USB cable to connect the iPhone to the computer;
  3. On the right side of the screen you should be able to see an option “Exit Recovery Mode”;
  4. Tap on that option and that was it, the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus should get back to normal within seconds!


What other options do you have?

If you’re not comfortable with trying the RecBoot solution from above, you can still get your iPhone back:

  1. With the help of a computer and the iTunes;
  2. With a special combination of hard keys pressed for very specific periods of time;
  3. Or even with another special software known as Tinyumbrella.


But since we’ve noticed you’re not happy when new software is involved, below we will show you the two easiest solutions left:


To get the iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus out of Recovery Mode using a computer…

  1. Go to your PC and launch the iTunes;
  2. Then, grab a USB cable and connect your iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode to the computer;
  3. Use the option that allows you to restore the iPhone and install the most recently created backup;
  4. Confirm that you want to restore by tapping the OK button when prompted;
  5. The iPhone will proceed to restoring the backup and, once it finishes, it will get you out of the Recovery Mode back to the normal running mode.


To get the iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus out of Recovery Mode without using a computer…

  1. First, turn on the device;
  2. Then, tap and hold at the same time both the Power and the Home keys, for approximately 10 seconds;
  3. Only let go of these two keys when you see the screen turning off;
  4. Right after that, tap and hold, one more time, the Power and the Home keys, but for only 8 seconds or so – until you see the Apple logo, to be more specific;
  5. You can then let go of the keys, wait for the iPhone screen to turn off and then – yes, one more time! – simultaneously press and hold the Home and the Power key, this time for 20 seconds;
  6. After that, release the Power key and hold down the Home key alone, for 8 other seconds;
  7. Let go of the Home button after 20 seconds and you should now be able to see the iPhone loading normally, booting in the standard running mode.


If you’re feeling confused with so many repetitions of holding the two keys, you just need to put these instructions into practice step by step. Or simply do your best to use the method that requires using a PC, if it makes you feel more comfortable. Either way, you should manage to fix the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus stuck in the Recovery Mode problem with our solutions!

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