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iPhone And iPad In iOS 11 And iOS 12: How To Fix Alarm With No Snooze Feature

Having an iPhone or iPad in iOS 11 and iOS 12 must bring a handful of advantages and interesting ways to deal with the events going on in your life. For most of us, waking up early in the morning is an event that we would like to skip, or, if possible, delay as much as possible.

Even though the Alarm Clock application on iPhone or iPad in iOS 12 and iOS 11 does a great job to wake you up every time you need or to alert you about an event that will take place soon, there are weekends when you do not wish to be woken up. If you want to monitor the time you spend while doing all sorts of activities like jogging, then you can use your clock as a stopwatch.

Many users complained that the option of putting on snooze your alarm clock does not appear on the display. For those who find it difficult to activate the snooze button on their Alarm Clock application, we came up with a list of four steps that you can easily follow in order to finally sleep as much as you want.


How To Fix Alarm With No Snooze On iPhone And iPad In iOS 12 and iOS 11:

  1. Activate your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11 and iOS 12.
  2. Find the icon that represents the Clock application.
  3. Scroll and click on the alarm time that you want to snooze.
  4. Drag to ON or OFF the Snooze button, according to your needs.


You have to know that, when you activate this option, your iPhone or iPad in iOS 12 or iOS 11 will ring every 6 minutes, and it will stop only when you turn it off completely.


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