iPhone And iPad In iOS 12: Turn Safe Mode ON And OFF

Having troubleshooting issues on your Apple Device running iOS? The new devices that come with iOS 12 have a safe mode feature that lets users use the iOS even when facing troubleshooting issues on the Apple devices. When any of the apps fail to work, or the device keeps restarting, you can as well make use of the Safe Mode feature.

The Apple device Safe Mode comes with a setting that will let Apple iOS 12 device users remove applications and also get rid of bugs. Here, we discuss how you can activate/Deactivate the Safe Mode on iOS 12 Apple devices.


Steps for Activating the Safe Mode Feature on Apple Devices running iOS 12 

  1. Long-press the home and power buttons to the time the device screen turns dark. Then release the home button and continue pressing the power button.
  2. Apple logo will appear and you need to keep holding Volume up button until it loads
  3. With your phone on safe mode, correct won’t appear in the settings menus.


Note that when Apple devices running iOS 12 get to safe mode, it turns off third-party apps and services. This is until the device is not in safe mode. Therefore, with this done you will be able to use the device quickly, can disable or enable what you need and restart.

Therefore, the above steps will be resourceful when you need to turn Safe mode on in your Apple devices. Ideally, on safe mode, you can troubleshoot the individual applications.

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