iPhone X Autocorrect – Solution

The Apple iPhone X has been very popular with its recent release. Popular can’t stop talking about all the great features that the phone has, but one issue that some users are dealing with is that the iPhone X autocorrect is causing them some problems.

Sometimes autocorrect on iPhone X changes correct words to something else, while other times incorrect spelled words are missed. If this is happening to you don’t worry, we’ll be explaining a few different ways that you can fix this iPhone X autocorrect problem.



Using iPhone X Dictionary with Autocorrect

One great feature about the iPhone X is the dictionary feature that comes built-in iPhone X. What the dictionary does is that it’ll allow you to look up words right there within the app. In addiction, you’ll be able to add your own words into the iPhone X dictionary, so common slang words won’t be marked as incorrect. The way that you can add words into iPhone X dictionary is with these steps:

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Go to General
  3. Browse and select on Dictionary
  4. Then select on the type of dictionary that you’d like to use on iPhone X


Adjusting names on iPhone X for Autocorrect

A common mistake that autocorrect does is fixing names and autocorrects them to something that you don’t want on iPhone X. One way that you can fix this is following the steps above and adding a dictionary of the language where your name is originated from. Another option is by going to Settings, tapping on General and then selecting on Keyboard. Now here tap on text replacement and type in the name that you would prefer to use instead of the autocorrected one.




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