iPhone X Vibration Settings Adjustment Guide

If you’ve purchased the iPhone X, you probably can’t stop using the great new smartphone from Apple. You also understand why people are calling it the best phone ever released. But one thing that some users are wondering about is how to adjust vibration settings on iPhone X.

The reason why you might want to change iPhone X vibration levels is because you might think that it vibrates to loud when you have your phone on a table while in class or in a meeting. Others might think that the iPhone X vibration is not strong enough and can’t feel it in their pocket when they receive a text, call, alert or notification.

Which ever camp you’re in, below we’ll be explaining how you can increase or decrease the vibrations on iPhone X. The entire process is very easy and won’t take much time for you to make the adjustments needed.



How to adjust vibrations on iPhone X:

  1. From the home screen tap on the Settings app
  2. Select on Sounds & Haptics
  3. From here choose the type of alert that you want to adjust the vibration for (You’ll need got create a custom vibration)
  4. For our example we’ll use Ringtone as the vibration we want to adjust for
  5. So tap on Ringtone
  6. Tap on Vibration
  7. Scroll down and select on Create New Vibration
  8. You’ll now need to hold down on your screen to set up the type of vibration that you’d like to create
  9. Next tap on Stop once you’re satisfied with your new Vibration
  10. Select on Save
  11. Type in the name of the new Vibration you’ve create
  12. Finally tap on Save


It’s important to note that these steps above will only change the vibration for Ringtones, you’ll need to manually go through the other options like Texts and other alerts and follow the same steps above to change the vibration levels for those.

But the overall process to change vibration on iPhone X is simple and will only take you a few minutes to complete everything. Later if you want to adjust the vibration that you created, just go ahead and create a new vibration and replace the old vibration with the new vibration.


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