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iPhone X/iPhone 10 Heating Problem (Solved)

An iPhone X/iPhone 10 heating problem is one thing but overheating is a more concerning issue. The first one can occasionally occur when you accidentally let the phone in the sun for too long; or when you play on it like crazy; or when you listen to songs for hours, with navigation or who knows what other app running at the same time…


But the overheating problem, as reported by many Apple iPhone users, will manifest suddenly and without an obvious cause. That’s the thing that should concern you the most. On one hand, you have a problem that you don’t know of, and you can’t afford to ignore it. And on the other hand, the more you let the device to stay that hot, the more will grow your chances of experiencing other malfunctions, due to the heat alone.

If that’s the case, you must act ASAP, so, we’d better discuss the possible causes, to estimate a course of action. Long story short…


If the iPhone X/iPhone 10 has a heating problem, it can be:

  1. A third-party app that is suddenly malfunctioning and messing up with the entire device;
  2. A cache-related problem that needs a quick intervention;
  3. An iOS problem that only a hard reset will make it go away.


Do you suspect a third-party app?

You can confirm or infirm this theory by booting into Safe Mode. That’s where only the stock apps are allowed to function, meaning that the iPhone X/iPhone 10 will cool down if the problematic third-party app was blocked.

Hit the Home & Power keys until the screen turns black and next, only the Power key, until you see the Apple logo. Finally, hold only the Volume Up key until the springboard starts loading and you have entered the Safe Mode.

If the iPhone cools down in here, as suggested, you either do a factory reset to remove all the apps or try to guess which one is the app that you must uninstall…


Do you suspect a cache memory issue?

This is a fortunate situation because learning how to wipe the iPhone’s cache – iPhone X/iPhone 10 etc. is easy and won’t erase any data. Read that guide and head to Settings, at the General section, Storage & iCloud Usage. Select the latter, then the Manage Storage and last but not least, the Documents and Data. In there, you can manually delete the cache of particular apps or all the app’s data.


Have you lost your patience and just want the reset?

Do a backup, if you feel that the condition of your overheated iPhone X/iPhone 10 allows it, and then do the reset. You should be able to restore your personal information once you start the reconfiguration.

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