iPhone X/iPhone 10: How To Move Apps And Icon Around

As you explore your iPhone X/iPhone 10, you get the essentials pretty fast. You know you have the App Store for installing new apps, you know you have a list of pre-installed widgets and apps, and many other useful things. But today, we’re going to show you something less intuitive yet extremely important. It’s about all those apps and widgets that you have been installing lately…


One way to move/rearrange widgets on the Home Screen of an iPhone X/iPhone 10 is to:

  1. Go to the Home Screen and find, if you can, an empty area where you have nothing else but the Wallpaper;
  2. Tap in there and maintain the press until you make the Edit Screen to extend over the Home Screen;
  3. Select the Widgets icon listed on that newly opened screen;
  4. Select the specific Widget that you want to bring to the Home Screen, from the newly opened list of widgets;
  5. Once you’ve brought it to the Home Screen, you can select it for further editing on the spot.


One way to move/rearrange general icons on the Home Screen of an iPhone X/iPhone 10 is to:

  1. Pick the app, located on the Home Screen, that needs to be moved;
  2. Select it with a long press and drag it to the new location;
  3. Release the selection only when you’ve overlapped the icon to the area where you want to move it.


As you can see, the process of handling widgets and app icons is relatively the same. In the first instance, we showed you how to take an icon from somewhere else than the Home Screen and bring it there. In the second instance, we showed you how to tackle an icon that is already on the Home Screen. Hopefully, with this basic information in mind, you know everything you need to tweak the apps on your iPhone X/iPhone 10 .

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