iPhone X/iPhone 10: How To Move Icons Around

Sometimes, the simplest things seem the most complicated, even on such an intuitive device like the iPhone X/iPhone 10 . Many first-time users are confused about actions like moving icons around, not because it’s hard, but because it doesn’t stand out. Do not worry, though. If you haven’t done this before, we have two different options that we’d like to show you. They’re both so simple that you’ll have a hard time deciding which one to use…


Move icons on iPhone X/iPhone 10 – Option 1 (from the same screen)

When you have the icon right in the window that you want to rearrange, it’s super-simple. You tap and hold the icon of the app and, to change its position, you merely drag it on the screen. When you’ve made up your mind and brought the icon in that area, you can release the tap and that’s where it will stay. Works the same with app icons and widget icons, it takes as little as one or two seconds, and there’s nothing complicated about it.


Move icons on iPhone X/iPhone 10 – Option 2 (from a different screen)

  1. If you long press on any empty area, right on the Home Screen, you launch the Edit Screen mode;
  2. In there, you have a limited selection, with the Widgets folder included;
  3. Open up that icon and pick any widget you wish to bring on the Home Screen, for faster access;
  4. It will go straight in there, from where you can select it with a long press, and handle some basic editing options.


What do you think of our suggestions on how to move icons around the iPhone X/iPhone 10 smartphones?

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