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iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/iPhone X/iPhone 10 Keeps Turning OFF (Solution)

When you’re using the iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/iPhone X/iPhone 10, with its tens or hundreds of apps, widgets, services, processes, games and everything else… How easy do you think it would be to troubleshoot such a general problem like the one of the iPhone that keeps turning off?

It goes without saying – if the iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/iPhone X/iPhone 10 is always turning off only when you do a particular action, there’s no need to seek for alternative solutions. You go and get rid of that app or that movie, or that game or whatever is messing with the iOS.


But when it keeps turning off randomly, what can you do?

You take it to an authorized service and have the Apple technicians decide on what to do next… Or you take it through elimination, by revising your most recent actions.

For the second option, you won’t have to search for too long. What you need is to determine if you’ve had any recent iOS version updates or if you have installed any new apps.


The updated iOS and the iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/iPhone X/iPhone 10 that keeps turning off…

You cannot possibly not know if you have installed an iOS update recently. So, if the answer to this question is yes, then… The only way to overcome a problematic firmware update is to reset the device to its default settings. This factory reset is probably not the news you were hoping for, but it’s the plain reality. Before you do it, consider the second most likely cause presented below and draw the conclusions yourself.


The recently installed new apps and the iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/iPhone X/iPhone 10 that keeps turning off…

Maybe it’s a new app with a problematic installation software. Maybe it’s an old app that hasn’t been updated in a while and it started to affect the system, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s an app that simply needs more system resources. The first thing you must do is to boot the iPhone into Safe Mode:

  1. You tap and hold the Power and the Home keys simultaneously;
  2. When you make the display to turn black, you should continue to hold the Power key alone;
  3. When you make the Apple logo to pop up on the display, you should release the Power key and start pressing the Volume Up key;
  4. When you make the springboard to start loading you can consider your iPhone working in Safe Mode and release the Volume Up key as well.


Next, you will do nothing else but to run various stock apps and test the device. The goal is to notice if the iPhone X/iPhone 10 keeps turning off without apparent reason. If it doesn’t, you can tell that the problems from the normal running mode were caused by a third-party app.

While this doesn’t answer your exact problem, it still considerably narrows down the research area. Now, you just need to determine which of your many third-party apps might be responsible. Our advice is to start from the most recently installed…


Who’s to tell how to proceed from this point?

Whether it’s the firmware or an unidentified app, whether you want to factory reset the iPhone or not, what can you do other than that? You can take it for a professional checkup and see what the Apple technicians would suggest you. You might have the surprise to discover that the battery is the one messing with the iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/iPhone X/iPhone 10 that keeps turning off…

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