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iPhone X/iPhone 10 Not Receiving Text Messages (Solved)

Try to describe this iPhone X/iPhone 10 “not receiving text messages” problem as accurately as you can… Would you sum it up to not being able to receive text messages from Android devices AND not being able to send text messages to non-Apple devices?

If that’s the case, we are going to stop you right here and ask you about your previous iPhone. How long has it been since you’ve changed it with this new model? We bet not too long and we have a feeling that the problems started ever since. Because it’s all about the iMessage that remained active on the old phone. But have no fear, we are here with two solutions for you!


How to use your old iPhone to solve the iPhone X/iPhone 10 not receiving text messages

Since it all started with the old device, how would you like to use it for fixing the current problem? If you still have it around, you’ll get to settle things out in no time. But first…

  1. Start with the current iPhone X/iPhone 10, at the Settings app, to be more specific;
  2. Underneath the Messages section, tap on the Send & Receive menu;
  3. Select “Use Apple ID for iMessage”;
  4. Use your Apple ID to access iMessage;
  5. Make sure that your current Apple ID and phone number show up on the field “You Can Be Reached By iMessage At“;
  6. Then you can go back to the other iOS device and repeat the steps by accessing its Settings menu, followed by the Send & Receive section.


The online method to solve the iPhone X/iPhone 10 not receiving text messages

This is just to reassure you that, in case you’re no longer in the possession of the previous device, it’s not a tragedy. You won’t get stuck without the possibility to use the messages service because you have an online option.

  1. Use any internet connected device and open up a web browser;
  2. Navigate to the Deregister iMessage page;
  3. Look for the message that says something like “No longer have your iPhone?” and tap it;
  4. Follow the prompts and fill out the fields you are required to take care of – phone number, region, whatever;
  5. When it all seems to be fine, hit the button that says Send Code;
  6. Within a few seconds, you should get a notification with the validation code on your phone;
  7. Use that code in the Enter Confirmation special field, on the web browser;
  8. And use the Submit option to end the process.


All these steps being taken, you can be sure that the iMessage deactivation problem on the old account has been officially fixed. You can now enjoy texting with your friends, family, work colleagues and so on.

Just to draw a conclusion, as disturbing as you would find the impossibility of receiving text messages on a new iPhone X/iPhone 10 … The solutions can’t get any simpler. On your old iPhone or on your new iPhone, with as little as an internet connection, you’re only a few minutes from making this issue go away. Let us know how it worked out for you!

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