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iPhone X/iPhone 10 Touch Screen Not Working

It’s the first time you notice display responsiveness issues on the iPhone X/iPhone 10 and what do you do? Probably you start testing the entire screen surface, to determine if the touch screen is not working in any area or only in particular areas.

Let us tell you what you are most likely to discover, on this occasion. According to most Apple users who had this complaint that the touch screen stops working, it only does so in particular areas. So, you choosing to insist on the areas that are still working and avoiding to come up with an actual solution is a very bad idea. Soon enough, you may be left with a display that no longer responds in any way!


Now, if you’ve bumped into this problem from the first time you came home with your new iPhone, stop right here. It could be a software bug or, worse, it might have been inappropriately handled during its shipping. Either way, you must make the seller responsible for it.

Then again, if it worked fine for a while, until it didn’t, consider…


The 2 simplest possible solutions for the iPhone X/iPhone 10 touch screen not working:

  1. You could remove the SIM card:
    • If you take out the SIM card and only put it back after some time, you might be thrilled to discover that, inexplicably, the screen responsiveness issue was solved. You don’t need to know why or how, just enjoy the success. Or, if there’s no success to enjoy…
  2. You could clear the app’s cache:
    • As expected, you must start from Settings, General, where you select the Storage and iCloud Usage submenu;
    • Coming up next, you go to the Manage Storage and tap Documents and Data;
    • Finally, decide which app’s data you want to clear and select the corresponding items – if you swipe left on any of them you’ll access the Delete option, but you can also delete them all at once, from the Edit menu.


The 2 most feared (but effective!) solutions for the iPhone X/iPhone 10 touch screen not working:

  1. You could complete an iPhone X/iPhone 10 factory reset:
    • Go back to Settings, at the same General Tab;
    • Use the Reset option and log in with your Apple ID;
    • Wait for the device to factory reset.
  2. You could perform an iPhone X/iPhone 10 hard reset:
    • Press and hold that press, on both the Sleep/Wake and the Home buttons, for 10 seconds or so;
    • When you notice a change on the iPhone and it starts to turn back on, wait until you get to the Home screen;
    • Next, you can test and see if the touchscreen is now working better, as you reconfigure the reset device.


The solutions are not extremely complicated, especially when you see every single step that you have to take, right? Now, don’t get too excited with our specific instructions, think this through and don’t forget to create a backup if it comes to the reset part. Our tutorial with the iPhone X/iPhone 10 reset instructions will always be at your disposal. Hopefully, it will also help you to get to the bottom of this strange problem. Maybe the screen is fine and it’s just a software problem causing the touch screen not working symptoms.

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