iPhone X/iPhone 10Shuts OFF Randomly (Solution)

Is your iPhone X/iPhone 10 shutting off randomly? Frustration, anger, and concern will mingle in your head as you are trying to figure out what is going on. The biggest problem with this not-so-uncommon malfunction is that it can seriously affect your day-to-day activity. If you cannot rely on the device and you expect it to shut off anytime soon, there are three things you can do. Hopefully, you’ll be able to fix it with one of the first two options because the third one will be out of your hands.


First of all, clear the cache of the iOS

In case you didn’t know, you have two kinds of cache memory on the iPhone X/iPhone 10. One of them would serve the entire operating system while the other would work with your apps and documents. You can clear any of them without worrying about any loss of important data, but it is best that you start with the iOS. For this purpose, we recommend you to read this guide on how to clear the cache memory on iPhone X/iPhone 10.


Next, if you want to do the same with your apps, you’ll have to go to settings, at the General section, where you have the Storage & iCloud Usage options. In there, tap Manage Storage and Documents & Data. Only then you will see the list of items whose data you can delete. Swipe left and use the Delete button to clear the information associated with particular items. For a more general approach, you can go to the Edit menu and use the Delete All button. See if the iPhone keeps shutting off after that.


Second of all, bring the iPhone X/iPhone 10 to its factory settings

This is for whenever you have a problem that you just don’t know how to approach. You erase everything you had on the iPhone, from apps and personal data to the operating system and you begin reconfiguring it, hoping that the reset device will no longer shut off randomly. Normally, if the device is not completely unusable, you should be able to create a copy of your data before you start the reset. More about all that and the actual steps you will find in this guide on how to perform a factory reset of the iPhone X/iPhone 10.


Third of all, let the Apple technicians have a look at your iPhone X/iPhone 10

If you’ve made it to the third step, it means that the factory reset didn’t make any difference. And now, whether you still have a warranty or not, you will have to take it to an authorized service. There’s no other way that you can personally make the iPhone X/iPhone 10not to shut off randomly.

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