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iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max Camera Not Working (Solution)

Though we’ve had messages from our readers complaining that they get fuzzy pictures with the camera of iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, this article isn’t about that problem. Unfortunately, there is a more serious malfunction that can occur and it strikes when you expect less. All of a sudden, the iPhone camera app can display an error and stop working at all. It may repeat the error several times in a row and there is a high chance that not even turning everything to the factory defaults will fix it. Follow the steps below to learn how to fix┬áiPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs camera not working.


When the camera ofiPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max not working…

  1. Restart the device, before you try anything else;
  2. Tap and hold both the Home and the Power buttons for 7 seconds or for as long as it takes for the iPhone to turn off;
  3. Let it stay turned off for a few seconds and only then turn it back on.


Alternatively, you can try to…

  1. Clear the cache partition, as a second option after the restart;
  2. Make your way through the Settings menus, going to General, followed by Storage & iCloud Usage and, ultimately, Manage Storage;
  3. In there, tap on Documents and Data;
  4. Identify the unwanted items;
  5. Slide to left on each of them and hit Delete or tap on Edit, Delete All to skip the manual removal.


Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do when the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max camera isn’t working. Ultimately, you could ask the retailer to take a look at it and decide if a replacement of the entire smartphone wouldn’t be the best course of action! After all, the camera module could be damaged for good if it doesn’t respond to any of the other solutions…

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